Error when trying to access the forums by typing its URL


I have a frequent error when trying to access the forums directly from the url bar of my browser. The page would not load and would show the following message instead:

It says in french “Unable to load the application. It seems you are not connected to the Internet. Check your connection and try again”. This is the only website where this error ever appeared. It only shows up sometimes when I access the forums by typing its url in my browser or hit the “previous” button. If I click a link it works fine.

I don’t have an antivirus that could interfere with the web pages I visit and the domain is whitelisted on my ad blockers. Windows Defender didn’t detect anything wrong on my machine.

Is it possible that the forums or the servers give this error?


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if it’s only been recently, we’re in the process of moving servers, so perhaps something is going wrong from that.

Yes, it’s quite recent (maybe a few months ?)