Excitebike 64 on ParaLLEl - playable at all?

I’ve been trying to get Excitebike 64 to run with the ParaLLEl core, but I can’t seem to get it past the title screen where it just locks up and crashes.

Is there any configuration anyone has tried that has this game working? I was very surprised to see it not run after I was able to get Rogue Squadron running. I didn’t see any information from searching the forums either, so I figured I’d post.

I had the same problem with the game freezing at the starting menu with latest parallel core :frowning:

try it with mupen64plus-next instead. it has more accurate internal timing than ParaLLEl-N64 core and supports the same accurate RDP/RSP plugins.

I just tested the game on the Parallel core and seems to run fine for me. I was able to get in a race normally. I don’t remember this game crashing in the past either.

I’m on Windows 10, what OS are you using? Maybe something else interferes? Rewind? Run Ahead? I only use GPU Sync. Are you sure it’s a good ROM?

Also, yes, don’t use Parallel. Use Mupen64plus-Next with Parallel RDP/RSP in the options. I’m not sure why the regular Parallel core still exists when it’s included in Mupen and it’s more up to date. It just makes the whole situation confusing and in any discussion people have to always specify which one they are talking about. It’s like Gilde64 VS GlideN64 all over again.

It’s pretty much only for potatoes that need the old plugins, which is an ironic reversal.

But this is still covered by Mupen64plus-Next if you just use the default GlideN64 plugin.

I hope you don’t mean the old Glide64 or Rice plugins. I cannot comprehend someone using those nowadays, lol. Even in 2005 these were outdated.

I was indeed referring to those. GLideN64 is fairly demanding these days, so people with really weak machines need those admittedly awful plugins.

Using Mupen with the parallel plugins fixed Excitebike64, no more crashing. Thanks!

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