Exit Button Overlay

A major annoyance with using Retroarch on Android with a physical gamepad and a front-end (Gamesome in my case) is how freakin’ cumbersome it is to just exit a game. I like old school Atari 2600 style games, which usually don’t last long and frankly have a short attention span, so I’m changing games frequently, plus you don’t really save states in these old school games or do much of anything else from the menu, you just start the game, play, and then exit. Pulling up the menu and navigating through it every time I wanted to switch games resulted in a whole bunch of screen tapping and scrolling. To address this I created this very simple overlay. All it has is a single exit button off to the side, which completely exits Retroarch, thus bringing you back to Gamesome (or whatever front-end you’re using.) I hope others find it useful as well.



Cool idea thanks for sharing this.

How come with the external physical gamepad you dont utilise the hotkey function?

For my shield tv I use r2 to enable hotkey and the back/select button to quit retroarch.

I also use start+select combo to enter the menu

I tried and honestly couldn’t figure out how to get that to work (probably something stupid I was doing), but I also didn’t want to lose a button on my gamepad. I also use a couple of other emulators with the same frontend (like MAME4Droid), and those use an on-screen exit button, and I just wanted to keep things consistent.

My first choice would have been to be able to just use the Android “back” button on my phone to exit the emulator. That seems like the most logical/intuitive choice by far. After a lot of Googling and posting about it on the forums here though, I learned that the back button simply isn’t supported by Retroarch, at all, in any way. :frowning: This is literally the only Android app, on any Android phone I’ve ever owned, ever, that doesn’t support the Android back button. I have no idea why? Shrug.

Thank You! This is exactly what i was looking for. I literally just opened Photoshop to make my own exit button and decided to do a quick google search to see if somebody had already set one up. I’m using the Reset Collection front-end on Android with exact same problem of the clunky Quit Retroarch function. Everything else in my setup feels smooth except for that. This overlay will finish things off nicely! I already have a button combo setup (L3+R3) to access the Retroarch menu, but there is no option to do that for the Quit Retroarch function. This may be as good as it gets as a workaround. (should be an official addition to the included Retroarch overlays, imo)