Exodus' CRT TV's Overlays Collection (With Day and Night support)

Updated with a Toshiba FLAT CRT TV :slight_smile:

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@Jubinko recently posted a glass effect on his 16:10 overlays here and also released a 1080p Glass template here

Would you mind maybe adding this effect to your own Overlays as an alternative version of the already existing ones?

The only thing that irritates me using these fantastic bezels is the fact that the mouse cursor appears when the overlay is loaded.

This is apparently not a bug, according to a Retroarch github entry, as overlays are actually for input used in conjuction with an overlay.

So, there really should be a menu option to load these TV borders seperate from Onscreen Display > Onscreen Overlay such as Onscreen Display > Bezel or something like that, where the mouse cursor is hidden from view.

This should be as easy to solve as moving the cursor far to the right of the screen so it disappears, no?

Not if you are using Retroarch simply with a TV and game controller.

Thanks! this kind of realistic tv overlays are my favorites, and I would like to share a pack with some old TV pictures (with very High resolution). Maybe some of them could be used for other quality overlays. :slight_smile:

Complete pack: (Edit to add extra images and alternative host) OLD TV IMAGES (Mega) OLD TV IMAGES (Mediafire)

Some of the images:


Nice find @Seymour !

I don’t know how you guys do it but I always get black vertical borders when I set real 4:3 ratio aspect. It never fits the screen correctly.

Each overlay requires its own custom aspect ratio in order to be displayed properly; look at the top post to see the recommended values for the X & Y positions for the center of the screen and the ratio height & width. You’ll need to set these settings manually.

WOW thanks for the TV images, I’ll give them a view to check if I can make more overlays with them :slight_smile:


The Standard Classic CRT works as a charm for 5x integer if you set the overlay to a scale of 1.06. Not sure if integer has any advantage for shaders with curvature though.

Would you also mind looking over the Glass Overlay that jubinko posted?

Hi oxodus, love these overlays! I don’t know if you take request but would it be possible to have a 16:10 version of the Samsung overlay?

Arviel, here is Exodus samsung overlay for 1680x1050 resolution (16:10) my version. settings: viewport x 185, viewport y 20, viewport width 1310, viewport height 982, integer scale off. I post it soon as possible. Here is



Thank you! Looks great.

Loving these overlays, is there any chance you could whip up something using these Sharp TVs? Thanks!


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I had the first model, Samsung flat. Would love to have this model, I also liked the last one a lot.

Video config: X Pos. 289 Y Pos. 26 Ratio Width: 1343 Ratio Height: 1007 Shader: crt_Aperture, Sony Wega with S-video or any similar

Here is Sharp overlay for 1080p, test it because i have 16:10 monitor. Try this settings in retroarch: integer scale off, aspect ratio custom, viewport x 528, viewport y 142, viewport width 827, viewport height 620.


Here is Sharp overlay fixed



Added “Just Speakers” Overlay to the main post

https://i.imgur.com/PlGxLht.png Please open in new window and zoom in