FB Alpha bug when loading state [SOLVED]


If i load a state (tested with R-Type) the color palette doesn’t load properly. Is there a fix for this? Here’s the proof, strange thing is that if i die then the color palette returns normal, probably due to game reinitialization.


The palette might be missing from savestates, i opened an issue upstream about it. Thanks for the report.


Fixed, should be available on the buildbot later.


Woah! That was fast, thanks a bunch.


Sorry to bother again. To update, when it will be available, do i have to overwrite the files contained in this? The last package of that series i mean, not that one that i specifically circled.


No, that’s just the retroarch frontend, not the cores. The easiest way would be to use the content updater in your current retroarch


Do you mean “Update Assets”? I saw “Content Downloader” is for cores…


Core updater which is the 1st item in the list


Ok so it’s a FB Alpha core update, not RetroArch, understood.