FB Neo and MSX games

Hi. I was intrigued to use the FB Neo new core, specially the part about using Savestates with MSX games.

So I tried it with few games: King’s Valley and Antartic Adventure. So I used ClrMamePro to generate the right romset for both of them.

If I use the XMDB UI neither loads through the Subsystem option. But if I use the CLI, they both load. Also, loading this way, they are added as entries in the “Recently played” playlist and if I select from them, they load. So, making playlists manually it’s possible.

King’s Valley plays really fine. You press the space bar to start the game and you can play.

Antarctic Adventure need to press either the keys 1 or 2, but neither are recognized, so it’s impossible to play it.

Anyone knows if this is normal behaviour.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your report, i think there is indeed a few keys missing for msx. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

Figured out the issue : https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/issues/29

I’ll port that callback when i have some time.

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I would be interested also in this, but I have a hard time getting MSX games to run.

I’m doing this from CLI:

retroarch --verbose -L "cores\fbneo_libretro.dll" --subsystem msx "Athletic Land (1984) (Konami) (J) [a1].rom"

but it just quits without giving me any hint on what is going wrong or what system roms it is looking for. I assume it needs some MSX bios roms in the RA system folder, but where do I find the relevant information?

A hint to get me started would be much appreciated.

Easy, read the first post :

Never used it. Thanks for answering though.

@CafeteroCordoba I finished adding the missing keyboard callback, there might still be missing keys but the most important ones should work (a-z + 0-9 + F1-F6 + return + escape + space). The new version should be available on the buildbot in a few hours.

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Many thanks, I’ll test with a few other games after arriving at my home. Thanks in advance.

I don’t understand what this means. This is making it sound like MAME roms.

Exactly, that’s the same as MAME roms, more specifically what was formerly known as MESS roms when MESS wasn’t included in MAME.

Hi, I tested Antartic Adventure and works really fine. King’s Valley did not lost functionality.

I’ll do more tests later with other games.

Many thanks.

I know it’s NOT retroarch related, but are there plans to include MSX2 games in FBNeo?

I think we mostly lack code for emulating MSX2’s VDP, there are no plans for adding it atm but maybe one day.

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