FB Neo control issues

I am using the latest FB Neo core in Retroarch and am having a lot of difficulty with the controls. The very first 2 games I have tried are basically unplayable:

Demolition Derby - Steering with a digital control is almost non existent. Steering is fine with the latest mame core and retroarch. The reason for using FBNeo is that a friend and I want to use RA Netplay.

Golden Tee Golf (any version) - The trackball I have is far too sensitive.



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It seems something is wrong with that one, thanks for the report.

You got several means to change analog sensitivity :

  • Analog Speed in Quick Menu > Options
  • Analog Sensitivity in Settings > Input

I set the analog speed down to 25% in quick menu and it’s still way too sensitive. I’ll try it in the other spot. I wonder if I could manually edit the override settings to a lower value than 25%?


No, that wouldn’t work, the value would be ignored and the core would use default instead (100). I’ll see if something can be done about the default sensitivity, because it seems extremely sensitive indeed (with an analog stick).

Hmmm sorry but i’ll leave golden tee trackball emulation as-is, while 100% seems indeed too strong, i tested 25% with analog stick and mouse (i don’t own a trackball, but that should be close enough) and far from still being too sensitive i was barely able to send the ball a few meters away, furthermore trying to force any value lower than 20% prevented me from playing at all, so i think the current settings to adjust sensitivity are sufficient, if your trackball is still super sensitive despite those settings then i can only think of some kind of setup issue on your side.

I fixed the demoderb issue, it will be available from buildbot later today.


Thanks for fixing demolition derby! It’s a simple, yet really fun game! I loved playing it in the arcade.

My arcade cabinet is an ATGames Legends Ultimate with a PC connected by OTG. I’m using Launchbox for front end and Retroarch for emulation.

Golden Tee… The only other thing I notice is that it’s hard to hook/slice without accidently changing the club. The backward diagonals are sometimes interpreted as a left or right. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

If I notice anything else I’ll post here.


Analog sensitivity had no effect. I believe the club switching while swinging is related to the overly sensitive control. At 25%, I only have to move the trackball 2 inches back then 2 inches forward for a full power swing - that’s how crazy it is. If it is 100%, movement is like 1/2 inch for full power. Even adjusting dead zone had no effect. In game control test shows the trackball as almost unpredictable in direction.

For reference, the official mame core sensitivity is perfect and works well.


Both settings i mentioned have exactly the same effect (example: analog sensitivity 0.3 = analog speed 30%), and are actually multiplicative. If analog sensitivity doesn’t do anything at all, the only explanation i could see would be that your trackball is actually recognized as digital axises by retroarch, since retroarch won’t apply that setting to controls it sees as digital (note that the core option doesn’t care about that, since retroarch won’t tell the core if the axis in use is actually analog or not), that would explain the overall weird behavior.

Sorry but that kind of setup issue is beyond my knowledge.

I’m a scripter, not a programmer. I found enough guides to install MinGW-W64 (MSYS2) and compiled the source from the libretro fbneo repository. I tried out demolition derby and the controls are a night and day difference now - much better - thanks again!


Hmmm was there an issue with the buildbot version ? The buildbot core should have been updated almost 2 days ago ?

How is the core available? From RA online updater or? I’m not familiar with what buildbot does…


Yes, from the online updater

I set the analog speed down to 25% in quick menu and it’s still way too sensitive. I’ll try it in the other spot. I wonder if I could manually edit the override settings to a lower value than 25%?

Old thread, but did you ever resolve this? Im having the same issue where 25% is still too fast.

No, just use the mame core to play the game.


Make sure you are using an analog axis and that it is properly mapped to the corresponding control in Quick Menu > Controls > Port 1 Controls (tempest’s spinner is mapped to left stick’s X axis, not the dpad). I’m not sure about the exact situation with retroarch’s analog sensitivity, but the analog speed core option will only affect emulated analog controls.

Also, make sure you aren’t using “Analog to Digital Type”, as it can only mess controls if your analogs are additionally triggering digitals.

Thanks for the assist!

You were in fact correct, it was mapped to the dpad and not the X axis. However swapping that did not appear to make any noticeable change. Got in/out of the game/core settings were saved, “Settings > Input > Analog Sensitivity” seems omitted. Maybe its just a deeper issue

confirmed this is set to “None”

Thats where I was going, that introduced a different error, but I think that could be unwound

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