FB Neo Core Update?

The news item says FB Neo now works with Berzerk and Frenzy, and that it supports high-res for vector games.

I got Frenzy to work, but not Berzerk. Also, when I switch to hi-res in the options in Asteroids it crashes. I always had success using MAME .172 (2016) ROMs for games that weren’t in the FinalBurn reference sets, but Berzerk doesn’t work. Like I said, Frenzy did.

This isn’t a big deal, but I’d love to get as much as I can running on FB Neo to take advantage of run-ahead latency reduction. And if FB Neo could do vectors more nicely I wouldn’t need to keep Mame 2003-Plus in my machine (because that seems to be that core’s specialty).

Berzerk was redumped a few months ago, so you’ll have to use the right romsets (dat files for clrmamepro/romvault are here), your core also probably needs to be updated if you suffer from a crash when switching res in vector games (that’s probably the regression from https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/commit/a18f8723f70d2e15ed18d050e576c70b0244309b which was later fixed in https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/commit/06efa390a774593f561c81c109d7db727c17dfe6).

Thank you for clarifying that for me.