FB Neo on RPI4


I’m fairly new to Lakka, but have had success with MAME and most other cores I’ve tried.

I’ve got 2.3.1 on RPi4. What’s the right version of FB Neo ROMs for this setup?

I’ve tried 2018-08-17 from (REDACTED) with limited success. First, scanning didn’t work. It only came up with about 20 roms. I used a playlist maker which seemed to create a playlist from fba.dat - so I’m not surprised that that playlist has had limited success.

So my questions:

  1. Is 2019-08-17 the right rom set to use for FB Neo on Lakka on RPi4?
  2. What’s the best way to create a playlist? I’d appreciate a pointer to the appropriate script

Thanks again - I’m a newbie but trying to come up to speed, so sorry if these have been answered elsewhere. I did search the forums with limited luck.

I’ve had similiar issues with the playlist scanner detecting roms for FB Neo. To make the playlist I had to use the manual scanner and datfile to create the playlist. The scanner didn’t detect any games otherwise.

This was with a verified v0.2.97.44.

The DAT files used on Lakka can be found here: https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/tree/a28d26f0418c7eb9771c1f026cfe1a6c141d2eb3/dats

Thanks! Another dumb question - what do you mean by “manual” scanning? The two options I’m aware of are to scan a directory or file, or use a script to build a playlist.

Is there another approach that lets you select the DAT, etc?

Thanks again!

New versions of RA have a manual scanning option that doesn’t go through the database, but Lakka is not updated yet

Got it. So, on Lakka, what are my options? I can install the appropriate DAT files in system/Databases (is that the right location?). Do I just install roms in roms/fbneo then, and do a scan?


Use an external tool on your PC and transfer the playlist afterwards to LAKKA:

Could you please list the steps you took to create a fbneo playlist within lakka?

EDIT: Sorry I missed specifically Lakka! Half asleep, my bad. This is all useless info if Lakka doesn’t have the manual scan option.


So first you need to download the DAT file (I used the Neo Geo only but I imagine the full Arcade DAT would work too?) and just put it somewhere like your RetroArch folder. Then you can use the new manual scan if you’re using latest RetroArch and choose the DAT file for the “Arcade DAT File”.


DAT files from here: https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/tree/master/dats

I made and imported a playlist with RA Playlist Buddy and the games do no start nor do they show thumbnails. The games start from the load content option. The path to the ROMs location was correct. All I see is the title of the ROMs. To clarify I am using the FBNeo .44 romset.

Did you check the additional boxes?

Thumbnails have to go in /storage/thumbnails in those folders:

FBNeo - Arcade Games/
├── Named_Boxarts
├── Named_Snaps
└── Named_Titles

This is what I have. Same problems persist

Try to change Local destination path for playlist and thumbnails to e.g. C:\Users\Me\Desktop\tmp (i think a \ after tmp is not needed)

Now the playlist and thumbnails folder should be generated in this location.

├── playlists
└── thumbnails
    └── FBNeo - Arcade Games
        ├── Named_Boxarts
        ├── Named_Snaps
        └── Named_Titles

Copy the playlists and the thumbnails folder to your RPi /storage and overwrite if necessary (Or copy only the content of the folders)

Your local thumbnail source path looks strange to me. Did you downloaded a thumbnail-pack in this location? To tell the truth i never used this feature. Since i have a working RA installation i copied the FBNeo - Arcade Games thumbnails folder to /storage/thumbnails/ and everything was fine

Can you show my your playlist? One entry is enough