FB Neo (or Alpha) Support Files - Titles, Previews etc

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find support files for FB Neo and Alpha?

In particular the titles and previews?

For MAME I would normally head to www.progettosnaps.net

Yo can find here: EDITED BY CESAR


That’s awesome, thanks :+1:

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don’t post links to copyrighted content, i had to moderate your post…

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Support files are available from our official topic about it : https://neo-source.com/index.php?topic=2838.0


Ah, perfect, thank you :+1:

Maybe stupid question, but what are these good for when running fbneo as a libretro core?

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Sadly, i don’t think you can use them as-is in retroarch, because retroarch expects playlist previews to be named after game name instead of filename.

Hi, in Retroarch you can use the thumbnail packs with playlists http://thumbnailpacks.libretro.com/

I posted this in off-topic as I wanted to use them with the FBNeo exe https://github.com/finalburnneo/FBNeo/releases

I also wanted them so I could resize the preview images for use with an OPK on my RG300 handheld console, which has a port of FBAlpha. They work perfectly :blush:

Problem is that - even by 2019 standards - that pack was already outdated.

The current ones are here http://thumbnails.libretro.com/ but they are individual files.

I think you can enable live thumbnails as well.

Well, judging from the missing games, that one actually seems to be from back in 2019 too.

Oh dear :sweat_smile:

I guess they are hard to maintain.

It’s a shame they don’t work with the same ones from emu-france mentioned in the official topic.

I think I found up to date RA thumbs on the archive, but I can’t link to it because copyright (the RA thumbnails there are full resolution but come with the romset itself, so no links.)

There’s other things in these support files as well. Some of these seems useful for RA as well? There’s “highscore DATs”, “IPS collection”, “blend files” ( lots of files with *.bld extension), and “samples” (as in audio files.)

The samples are useful for the libretro core as well. What about the others? :thinking: