FBA core vs Mame 2014 in Mortal Kombat games (SHIELD TV - Android)



I have been trying the MK games in the latest versions of the FBA core. They run full speed (54.7 fps for these I believe) as long as Run Ahead is set to off. However, even if full speed I can clearly see they are much smoother in MAME. The moves and scrolling is much better in MAME. They are full speed though, music is on sync, no stutters, no frameskip. I know these games are particular in the sense they are not 60hz games, I suspect some option might have something to do with the difference but I can’t really find anything. Any idea? Thanks!


The TMS34010 cpu interpreter in fbalpha is still unpolished, we are aware of those issues.


That’s great to see that FB Alpha now supports Mortal Kombat games too (and better than MAME i’d say), will you also port MK4, eventually? If i remember correctly FBA currently doesn’t even support any polygonal game, am i right?


@ExDuelist fbalpha has a policy of being 2D only, so i have serious doubts mk4 will happen on it.


fbalpha has a policy of being 2D only

Interesting, is there any specific reason for that?


If anyone is interested in this stuff, i started a bounty : https://www.bountysource.com/issues/68046846-bounty-5-midway-w-unit-t-unit-frame-duping-skipping-issue

That’s a lot of work, basically the task is to write a new TMS34010 cpu interpreter.


It’s the other way around, they run perfectly smooth in MAME and have glaring frame lag in FBA: