FBAlpha core for RPi4?

Are there any FB Alpha cores available for RPi4 or could some kind soul build them and share them? (I keep failing on how to build for libretro myself unfortunately…)

I am mainly looking for the CPS and Neo Geo cores as there seems to have been some changes to those in FB Neo and I feel like I am getting some slowdown and audio stutters that I did not using FB Alpha on my RPi 3B+ in the past.

I’m using FB Neo on a Pi 3B and have no slowdown… weird.

Anyway, I believe the cores here should be OK for the Pi 4:


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Thanks metchebe. Tried some games using the fbalpha 2012 core and they seem to be running better. Also most Qsound-games from Capcom have better sound as far as I can hear.

Considering QSound isn’t properly emulated in the old fbalpha cores, you probably mean “more to my likings/habits”.

Anyway there is no reason for FBNeo to run poorly on rpi4, if there really is an issue in your setup i would expect it might come from poor cooling causing cpu throttling, that’s the only thing that comes to mind.

I have access to a real CPS arcade machine and the Qsound in old FB Alpha sound more similar to that than FB Neo as far as I can hear. I believe the more “proper” emulation of things like Qsound is more demanding than how the older FB Alpha did it and is what makes some of the games seem slower in FB Neo than the older FB Alpha.

Cooling is not a problem and I can run most Dreamcast games and other more taxing with less slowdown than I am getting with some of the CPS 1 & 2 games in FB Neo on the RPi 4.

I am having very choppy gameplay in “Cadillacs & Dinosaurs” in FB Neo, but in FB Alpha it’s perfectly smooth.

Not having any problems with FB Neo on my 4GHz i5 though.

Works properly on rpi3 though, so the issue is obviously with your setup.