FBNeo 1.0 Point Release

I see that FBNeo has reached 1.0

Will there be a libretro core point release for 1.0 similar to other MAME or FB versions?

I would assume so, yeah.

I didn’t understand that sentence tbh, but if you are asking if FBNeo libretro reached, yes it did, the same day as standalone, and now it is at, same as standalone too.

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Maybe Im using the wrong lingo.

Question is basically if there will be a fbneo_10000 core similar to a mame_2013 core. The goal would be to have an unchanging romset.

ohhhh, no, there aren’t any plans for that. FBNeo is up-to-date always.

If someone ever want to do that crap, i’ll ask that he doesn’t use fbneo in the name of the core, so that we don’t get reports about issues we fixed long ago. That’s a big burden, i experienced it because of fbalpha2012 when the core was still named fbalpha, and the MAME guys still experience it every day on their subreddit…