[FBNeo] Highscores

i have trouble getting highscore to work in fbneo, they were working some time ago then i recently noticed that they dont. in the last month i did some updates (as usual) and change some options in RA, i also recently update fbneo (and the romset) to 1.001. i have high score enabled in the core options i have highscore.dat in system/fbneo folder in the save folder (RetroArch\saves\FinalBurn Neo\fbneo) i have a bunch of *.hi and *.nv files. i have to say that i recently change RA to use saves in folders by core, so still i have the old fbneo (with some hi and nv) in the main saves folder.

i tried different dat with no luck, can somebody point me at the proper highscore.dat to use? is there anything that im missing?

yep i read that, my romset is built with clrmamepro using the correct dat.

the games im testing with are galaga (galagao) and dodonpachi (ddonpach) that i know were keeping highscore before. and im using the hiscore.dat from that page.

You read the part about runahead and maybe other savestate-related features preventing hiscores from working ?

Sadly turning run-head off solved, i was hoping it was something else :frowning:

nevertheless that solved, thanks a lot!

I believe this only affects games that depend on hiscore.dat. For games that don’t need it, runahead should work fine.

No, runahead disable hiscores (the ones relying on hiscore.dat, other hiscores saved in eeprom are fine), that’s how things were designed, see https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/issues/52 and linked issues for the explanations.

Just an update. Runahead mode and Hi scores saving have been fixed. Just make sure to not use the second instance of runahead.


Just read your post on reddit! xD


Great news! thanks! and I think with FBneo second instance is not anymore the way to go so it’s all good I guess! (happy new year!)

Yes, i implemented a new libretro api call earlier this year for “savestate context awareness”, so that i could finally solve those kind of problems in FBNeo. Meaning a somewhat recent version of retroarch (v1.12.0+ ?) is required


Hello! How can I save scores from Neo Geo AES games? I even write to the memory card after playing, but it doesn’t work.

I don’t know if you can, arcade emulators usually have 2 methods to save hiscores :

  • saving the nvram if it exists, but afaik AES doesn’t have a nvram (unlike MVS).
  • knowing the game’s high score addresses by using a hiscore.dat file and saving their content, but neogeo games are mostly absent from hiscore.dat

I’m wondering how/if geolith handles high scores for AES.

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The Neo Geo AES console itself did not save highscores I think, but I am not sure about this. Some games might save highscores when using memory card, but only supported games do I believe. I mean on a real console. There is also a Backup RAM, but that is more of a thing for Neo Geo CD or MVS?

If my reply sounds unsure, because that is. @md2mcb Maybe try the memory card thing with some other games, not all games might support this.

I think I understand now. Thanks for your help!