[FBNeo] Robotron and Other Twin-Stick Games

Maybe I am slow, but I can’t figure out a way to run Robotron or Black Widow on my two-stick control panel with FinalBurn Neo. (I am using Ultrastik 360s… if I was using regular sticks that map to keypresses this wouldn’t be an issue.)

I’m forced to use a Mame core for both, because I can use Joy1 one for movement and I can use Joy2 for firing by mapping directions to keypresses using Joy2Key, then in Mame mapping those keypresses to firing directions. But this is clunky, plus FBNeo supports features I like, such as run-ahead latency reduction.

I guess my question is this: is there was way in FinalBurn Neo core (or Retroarch itself) to map Joy2 to Player1 actions? Am I overlooking something obvious?

If they present them as 2 separate gamepads, not that I know of, without using some external utility like joy2key to turn them into keyboard events.

That is, RetroArch has no mechanism to merge 2 different input devices into a single retropad, but you can map 2 (or more) players to a single keyboard, no problem. I have a couple of dual-stick control panels that present as a keyboard with 2 players mapped to the MAME defaults, and those work fine for this sort of thing.

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Thank you… so as of this moment Retroarch offers no means to do it…

So what about via the FBNeo core? Is there some way to map keypresses to actions at the core-level? If so, I could do this and continue to rely on my Joy2Key hack.

No biggie, I would just love to migrate the few straggler games on the cabinet over to FBNeo.

No you can’t, FBNeo doesn’t have an internal tool like the MAME OSD for remapping, so yeah trying to play 1 player with controls dispatched over several different controllers is one of the known limitations with this core, since RA doesn’t support this (yet).

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Thanks to both of you!