What is FCEUmm?

Fork of FCEUmm.

How to compile the library (for libretro)

git clone https://github.com/libretro/fceu-next.git
make -f Makefile.libretro-fceumm

Is there currently any method to insert coins within the FCEUmm core within RetroArch?

There are collection of Nintendo Versus (VS) roms within the GoodNES set that are basically the iNES format of the Nintendo Arcade ROMs found in MAME.

The most notable of them being the arcade version of Super Mario Bros, a more difficult version classic home console release.

The Windows 32 based FCEUX supports the option to insert a coin via the file menu bar. After that, you press the Select button on the controller to start the game.

Was hoping something similar could be considered/added to FCEUmm core. The ROM already loads happily in FCEUmm (NEStopia doesn’t like the iNES format), but unfortunately there is just no way to start the game as you cannot insert a coin/credit for alter the DIP switches to Free Play.

An idea may be to map the insert coin function to the R2 button much like how the MAME 0.78 core brings up the menu options within RetroArch?

Only stumbled across this limitation as the equivalent suprmrio ROM in MAME 0.78 has real crackly sound (even with DRC turned on in the audio options) so I looked at loading the iNES rom via FCEUmm as the workaround.

While I have just today found a recently created IPS patch as a nice workaround this issue (basically adds a dip switch trainer menu), I still thought it may be a useful feature to consider - thus the long winded post! :wink:

Thanks again to the dev team for their time and efforts.

FCEUmm is a fork of FCEUmm? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The retroarch fceumm does not open Dragon Warrior iv. Other NES emulators work correctly, but they are slow on my phone.

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyeSy0yTii4

Fixed up. Thank you.