Feature to manually sort consoles and entries on each playlist

Hello, I’m new in this community. I’ve been using retroarch a couple of weeks and, while it is awesome, I feel like the ability to manually order consoles and the games on each playlist is the last big step to make retroarch the definitive digital library for videogame preservation. And it is kinda baffling to me, since there are so many minor options for customization.

Example 1: Nintendo consoles appear in this order: gba, gb, gb color, game cube, 3ds, n64, ds, nes, snes and wii. If i could, i would sort them like this: nes, snes, 64, gc, wii, gb, gbc, gba, ds, 3ds.

Example 2: Games from the same series are disordered (super contra appears way lower than contra; donkey kong junior appears below donkey kong 3…)

I’ve tried a couple of playlist managers, but they didn’t have this feature.