Ffmpeg core slowdowns

Im using this core to watch 60fps game videos since its the only way to add shaders to them and make them look authentic. However, every 10 seconds or so i get heavy stuttering that lasts a couple of seconds, ruining the experience. It looks like it loses sync with the screen (im using a standard 60hz TV).

Is there a way to fix this?

Does it happen with other cores/games, too? or just this one?

Only this one. Gaming cores are all smooth.

And the videos don’t lose sync in other players like Kodi or Pot player.

Could be any way to fix this? Maybe an option or something else? I tried those 60fps longplay videos again but this time on a 240hz monitor. But the slowdowns/stutters still occur.

RetroArch/FFmpeg is the only way to watch videos while using CRT shaders. At least i don’t know of any other player that can do this. Thus, watching uncompressed 60fps gameplay videos of retro games fits like a glove for this purpose. You watch a game from start to finish but the shaders makes it look like it runs in real time on a emulator core. But the slowdowns/stutters pretty much ruins the experience.

I had a similar issue with my android phone, trying to watch these videos in MX player. But there was a MX plugin that you could install and this fixed the issue. Is it something about 60fps videos that some players (like FFmpeg and MX Player without the plugin) can’t handle well?

If you can write your own shaders you can use mpv it supports glsl shaders but they must be writen in ther own syntax, you cannot just copypaste the retroarch shaders, they must be ported.

I noticed that ffmpeg has received some updates. It now has plenty of hardware renderers to choose from and some other options.

The issue still remains though. I tested every option and renderer. There are srill stutters/sync issues every few seconds when playing 60fps videos.