Final Burn Neo and Screen Rotation?

So i im trying to play Batsugun on the Final Burn Neo core in vertical mode but when i change the option in the Final Burn Core options the screen is rotated the wrong way, i need it rotated 180 degrees in the opposite direction, is this possible with this core?

Not through the core option, the core option is just toggling the game in vertical mode for rotated screen while preserving the correct aspect ratio, but you can add a 180 deg rotation to that by going into retroarch’s settings : Video > Output > Video Rotation > 180 deg

Btw, just curious, is there a reason you rotated your screen that way and not the other ?

Edit : also, for the sake of easiness, i just pushed an “alternate” choice for this core option, it should be available from the libretro bot in a few hours.

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Thanks for the reply.

My monitor only rotates one way, and sadly thats the wrong way for how FB Neo rotates the screen

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Interesting, maybe there was some kind of standard for screen rotation that i should have been aware of when adding the original core option. Well, anyway, with the new core option it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Thanks, has that been upload to the server now then?

It has been almost a day, it should be

ok thanks, ill trying running the updater and see if it gets anything