Final Burn Neo, Neo Geo rom question

I came across a set which does not use the typical naming for the neo geo rom sets ie “” which is “Metal Slug”. Ive tried to load the rom, then I used a varitey of changes to see if it will work. Non has but these are the tests I have done.

1 * Default test was the rom in its default state that it was in: Metal Slug.7z —result --> did not work

2 * Test 2: load it as mslug.7z —result --> did not work

3 * Test 3: use a zip format as “Metal” —result -> did not work

4 * Test 4: renamed that zip as “” which is what usually the state the neo geo rom is in. results: did not work either

The contents of the rom: Which when loaded you get a FBNeo grey error screen and something about a missing bios files. *I do have in my system folder for my Lakka OS platform

“A Rom at index 2 with name 201-c2.c2 and CRC 0x728113676 is required” which is the message I get when I load that rom. Any explanations on what that means?

rom contents img below

This looks like a mame 0.37b5 rom (mame4all, mame2000)
FBNeo needs a recent rom to work

Thanks, as I did a little info searching I did see that they recently updated Final Burn Neo to 1.03. I have also seen in my experience that roms meant for Final Burn Neo tend to work, and I have tried a variety of sources, even a romset that was a Final Burn Alpha worked. While on the other hand I had rom sets from mame not work for their intended mame version, for instance i have a non merged MAME 2015 rom set with roms not working on Mame 2015 core.