Fix your website and server

Can’t download cores. Everything is broken. A big reminder that retroarch is useless when the backend breaks.

It’s working fine here.

If you can use a web browser, you can try getting to and download things from there. Or you can download source from github and compile things yourself.

The online updater is convenient, but you can always get stuff the old fashioned way. Far from “useless”

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OKAY, have an update. the issue i’ve isolated to my DNS server that i set. Quad9 seems to have an issue with all that backend. i’ll use my ISPs DNS in the meantime.

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I hate when people jump into conclusions and blame RA without a proper troubleshooting or knowing what actually is happening on their end.

“Fix your website and server”, are those really your chosen words when asking for help, and on your first topic? Hunter is too kind.


It’s really hard to do troubleshooting on an intermittent problem. Because now, it isn’t working again. Useless wasn’t a judgment descriptor, it was simply exactly what retroarch is without functionality. Without server access all I have is a functionally useless frontend interface.

I’ve done tons of troubleshooting on this in the past couple days and I can’t figure out what the cause is besides the routing path to the server. Sometimes changing the DNS fixes it, other times it just breaks again.

On my phone using 4g it’s fine, all my friends on discord have no issues. Using retroarch at my father’s house (same ISP) I cannot access. So we have that narrowed down. Empire Access is the ISP. Further detail would be more personal, like my IP or DNS from my ISP (since it’s local).

I’m assuming that since my ISP is such a low population one that this isn’t a “big issue”, but it’s frustrating due to this almost feeling personal and singled out. The only server and service I’ve come across that for reasons I cannot figure out, just won’t play nice with my internet.

Old but still true. Can’t download the uwp cert on the front page. 404 error. Every other link works.