Flycast 60fps games Run at 30fps (FIXED)

Dead or Live 2 should normally run at 60fps but Flycast only runs it at 30. This is reportedly “full speed” btw, it’s not like my system is slowing it down. It runs at 60fps when i use Demul.

Same thing with Ikaruga. You can clearly see the stuttering and frame pacing issues. Demul runs it super smoothly.

i5 4670, 16GB, GTX 1060, Windows 7, RetroArch 1.8.1

Edit 2: The issue is in the core options. Broadcast is set to “auto” but that defaults to 50hz (for whatever reason). You need to manually change it to “NTSC”

[EDIT2] Yup, also noticed a frame pacing problem here, despite the FPS counter showing 60FPS.

Windows 10 64-bit, i5 3rd gen, 16GB, GTX 1070

Tried these settings on android to eliminate the hiccups. Doesnt work no matter what i try, so waiting for fixing before i play flycast (i only play lag- and issuefree with netplay). Without audio the gfx roll okay, but who plays without sound

None of these options fix the frame rate.

Keep in mind that i’m talking about the frame rate i can see with my own eyes. It doesn’t matter if the frame rate counter reports 60fps. Any game can have massive frame time/pacing issues and still report steady 60fps.

When playing with Demul, the games are smooth. With Flycast they are stuttery.

I’m totally unable to notice what you are mentioning, however i think flycast can drop frames internally if “Threaded Rendering” is set to “on” and “Synchronous Rendering” is set to “off”

That’s strange I just tried the US NTSC version of DOA2 and it’s definitely running at 60fps over here. That’s with Win7, audio sync enabled and using whatever the latest core is.

60FPS games don’t quite look as bad as 30FPS in it to me, but Flycast is known to have frame pacing issues. It has a higher frame time deviation percentage than other cores.

This seems kind of an important issue though. Makes all 60fps games look stuttery and Dreamcast/Naomi has a lot of those.

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… I meant android, folks…

No, cvsnk2 doesnt run perfect yet no matter what platform ( i only play lag and issuefree with netplay ON ANDROID folks, nya.)

Make the ground quake

What’s your android device ?

A snapdragon 845 4 gig. No threaded video, ama pro,made my homework…

Still remember setting the lg g5 to 59 fps in .cfg … Bam ! Psx ran like butter

It gives me very varied results depending on the game on Linux, i7 3770, GeForce GT 620 GPU. Soulcalibur runs in 1080p at 60fps with HD hack and Threaded Rendering disabled. Shenmue in 720p HD runs at 60fps, if I activate Threaded Rendering the fps drop to 30. O_o Dead or Live does not exceed 20fps in the native resolution, nothing I do works for it.

Some games might require more gpu processing power than others, it could be your main issue here (GT620 is really bad, benchmarks show that my old GT240 bought in 2008 was faster).

GT620 is really bad,

I know :unamused: however, most run at 60fps in 720p, some at 1080p, except Dead or Alive and some exceptions that do not reach 50fps in basic resolution.

As i said, some games require more gpu processing power than other, fwiw the framerate drops too for me on doa2, but not to the point it gets unplayable (i have a gtx 960), somehow the naomi version run more smoothly.

The emulator optimization? maybe? He needs to polish details in some games.

OK i finally found why all games in Flycast had horrible frame pacing issues.

I noticed that the frame rate counter was at 50fps instead of 60fps. Even though Demul runs Dead or Alive at 60fps i thought maybe i’m using the PAL version and Flycast has issues with PAL-60. But no, even the confirmed NTSC version runs at 50fps.

The issue was in the Core options. The “Broadcast” type was set to “auto”. And for some reason Flycast is an idiot who thinks we are playing on old 50hz PAL TVs. By setting it to NTSC manually i fixed the issue and now the games run smoother.

Why is 50hz set as default, i really don’t know.

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Yeah, i noticed that a few days ago, it seems the way reicast/flycast deal with this is weird, if you set it back to “auto” you’ll also notice your ntsc games are now running at 60Hz. Somehow it seems the 50hz value is written to dc_nvmem.bin at first boot when set to auto, and the only time it’s overwritten is when you set it to NTSC or PAL.

Do you have to do this from the GUI? or is writing to the core-options enough (ie. from a frontend script)? I mean this is bothersome doing this every time if I play Dreamcast games of varying regions.