Flycast and FBNeo's standalone and libretro cores versions

If I report a bug in libretro, does this work also for the standalone emulator?

For example, I have been testing Flycast ‘arcade’ in RetroArch, and there are bugs that the standalone version also has.

Or with FBNeo, trying to do the fullset from MAME, I have errors with the sound files.

If you are talking about the bad romset white screen that literally tell you to not report it, then DON’T REPORT IT, thanks. Instead, go read like that message is telling you to.

If you are talking about real bugs, and not bad romsets the white screen is warning you about, you can report the issues in upstream github repo or on our forum, it’s actually the recommended method.

The libretro fork is deprecated, the libretro core is built directly from upstream repo, so yes flycast issues should definitely be reported there.


It is not emulation, I am creating the last romset and the samples are giving me errors.

I have the Flathub version of Flycast. Is the standalone more recent than the libretro core?

I can only suppose you are using the wrong samples, i don’t mind sharing mine if you tell me which ones you need, i don’t think they are subject to copyright issues.

Afaik both are built from the main repo at


No need, I have the romset previous to cave CV1000 and all the samples are there. I was missing some files and I was able to get them on the net. Only these resist me.
Captura desde 2022-05-12 02-30-00

What I am trying to do is to create a complete FBNeo romset, from the current MAME romset. I have the 0.243 merged, but it gives me a lot of missing ones. Is it supposed to be possible to make a complete set from MAME?

I’m using JRomManager, I made the Atomiswave and Naomi sets very easy. I will share a mini tutorial later.

Please don’t mention the name of piracy websites, that’s again the rules, i moderated your post.

No, as explained at, FBNeo is a mix of MAME romsets and hacks/homebrews which were never part of MAME, so you’ll never find them in MAME. Those 2 romsets you are missing are hacks added by a regular contributor, and to be fair sometimes even i am having troubles sourcing those hacks, we should probably enforce having the patch provided along the PR.

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I’m going to better post and try the hacks/homebrews, anyway I’m not going to worry too much if they are hard to get.
Thank you.