Flycast + DLC ( Downloadable Content )?

So, I’m trying to update all my per-game VMU’s with their respective DLC from the this website:

It briefly mentions using either a real Dreamcast (Wish I had a broadband modem lol) or using an emulator, and touches on VMI information. I’ve downloaded the VMI writer and looked at the files but I don’t know what I’m doing.

Can’t seem to find a tutorial either…

I went so far as to download the Web Browser 2.0 and try to get Flycast online that way so I could download the files as if it was a real Dreamcast - but no go, just get “Init Modem” spinning indef and god only knows what the correct settings would be hahaha.

Is there a tutorial, or any kind of resource I can look to?

I keep my Dreamcast saves per Core Options set to each game having it’s own version of A1, so nothing is shared. Feels like the perfect setup for the DLC, given the limited space, if I can just figure out how to get it all onto each VMU.

Anyone have any info/help/sugguestions?

So, as is always the case with my posts, I figured it out after all. Wanted to post this here though in case anyone wanted to know how I did it.

You need a tool called “VMU Explorer” (Found here:

After that you download the files here:

Then open your .bin memory cards in your \system\dc folder

Then you import the .vmi files to the memory card with VMU Explorer.

and…BOOM, good to go!


Just want to say thank you very much for sharing this information! You made my Christmas 2021! I practically created an account just to thank you for this, lol.

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Hello, I’m trying to do the same, but I get an error message in VMU explorer when trying to import the .VMI files ("Can’t import VM file; Error -10) Any idea on how to fix this?