Flycast naomi error

I’m getting a strange error when running naomi, here it is. (error i/o bd is not connected to Naomi bd) any fix?

i’m getting the same error msg when running NAOMI titles , Atomiswave and Dreamcast are not affected.

yeah its wierd those games used to work now suddenly arnt. it seems like a error within the naomi system. is there anywhere I can report this bug?

The issue should be fixed already:

But since the flycast core on the buildbot is not updated since november you have to wait, build it yourself or use an older core from your (hopefully made) backups.

ok thanks I’ll just wait

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I was having a series of issues, and while im not 100% on what i tried that eventually fixed it, but I did find that I needed to extract the zips to folders in order to read. Not sure if thats more of an elementary problem to you, but if it helps just didnt see it mentioned.