Flycast - No controller response in Speed Devils Online Racing

Flycast’s new improvements have been utterly amazing. It’s so nice to be able to play Resident Evil 2 without issue, and honestly every issue I was seeing before in games has been cleared up.

I just tried throwing Speed Devils - Online Racing at the core though, and I’m getting a strange issue where it’s not recognizing my controller. I can’t even get past the “press start” screen.

Has anyone had this kind of issue before? I didn’t see anything when searching the forums.

I believe this is a game bug: it won’t start with more than 2 controllers attached. The same happens with other emulators.

Set player 3 and 4 controllers to None and it should work fine.

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Oh-ho! I hadn’t run into that before. I’ll try setting that as default and give it a go when I get home tonight. Never would have thought of that haha. Thanks man!

Quick side-question, if I could be so bold. There wouldn’t happen to be a simple fix for homebrew games like Pier Solar would there? I’m assuming it’s just that they are built strangely, and thus aren’t compatible. I just crash after SEGA BIOS logo screen on a lot of those.

Either way, thank you for the response and all your hard work flyinghead. I sincerely appreciate it.

Pier Solar is using a copy-protection scheme that’s not properly emulated so no easy fix there.

Many homebrew will not work with HLE BIOS because they use non-standard bios calls. With regular BIOS most should run.

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The controller trick completely worked! I’ll have to keep that in mind if I bump into that again. That’s also really good to know about Pier Solar, as sometimes I wonder if it’s just the copy I have or something. I think the last time I threw “Retro Sonic” at the emulator was before the HLE BIOS toggle was introduced, and that totally works now as well - which is awesome 'cause I never got the burned copy to work for some reason :frowning:

Anyway, you are a god among men flying head! (I just noticed today too that you fixed WiiMotes in Dolphin, and I can play so many games I was waiting on now there as well)

I know I always say it, but seriously, you don’t get thanked enough for all the work you put into this project and to say I feel like we owe you a lot would be a grand understatement. <3 I wish I could buy you a beer or something hahaha.

Anyway, just, thank you! :smiley: