Flycast support to redump cue isos?

I see Flycast isn’t compatible with the new redump bin+cue format.

I convert these bin+cue to chd and doesn’t work too.

[EDITED to remove link and reference to ROM site]


Flycast 0.1 afb36d6 (Flycast WinCE)
Flycast 0.1 754597d (Flycast)


Crazy Taxi (USA) (Track 1).bin
Crazy Taxi (USA) (Track 2).bin
Crazy Taxi (USA) (Track 3).bin
Crazy Taxi (USA).cue <-- start this

working on Windows 7 and Linux Mint 19.1

Have you tried with a fresh install ? (deleted retroarch.cfg / retroarch-core-options.cfg)

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So it seems it fails with a chd created with cue+bin

You are right, this issue is still open (i overlooked that you converted them to *.chd)

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Yeah, they work as bin and cue files, glad I tried a single CHD before converting a lot of games. Thought I’d better try it even though the core info says it supports CHD.

I didn’t know about Flycast not working with CHD. Is it only Redump bin/cue CHD not working? Does Tosec/Truip GDI converted to CHD work?

@Mr_Jake: I can confirm, that GDI to CHD works in the latest Flycast core.

Flycast WinCE atm is not working at all:

[ERROR] Failed to open libretro core: "D:\RetroArch\cores\flycast_wince_libretro.dll"
[ERROR] Error(s): unknown error 127


The problem has been fixed.

Bye. :slight_smile:

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The GDI - CHD conversion always was functional.

The problem is when you convert CUE+BIN to CHD. On Flycast these CHD dumps doesn’t work.

It seems to me that the problem lies with the CHD converter software as I don’t think it can handle these non-standard cue-files used by the trurip redump team for GDI. The older GDI set that use standard cue gdi-files (which are practically regular cue-files) are definitely working without any problem.

You mention trurip but this is in reference to redump. Are they using the non-standard cue-files as well then?

Updated my post for correction.

Hi, I faced the same problem. Creating chds from Redump bin/cue creates chds which are not playable on Reicast core. I also think that it is an issue on chdman.exe side not on reicast core.

A workable solution I found was to use feyris-tan’s gdidrop app to convert Redump bin/cue to proper gdi.The app works and the few titles I converted worked correctly in reicast. Beware that currently there is no option for re-conversion back to original stat and that app doesn’t support any batch/ bulk conversion atm.

App is hosted on github here>

Yeah, when asked it appears the mame guys (authors of chdman) said they don’t plan supporting the new redump bin/cue format for DC dumps.

On the redump website you can download the necessary *.gdi files.

If you exchange them with your *.cue files than you are able to convert your bin/cue to working chd’s


^ Thats the best and easiest way to get the job done, thanks for sharing.