Flycast -Yu Suzuki works vol. 1

Hi, I tried few different images (chd, cdi, gdi) but when trying to start power drift flycast crashes with

Fatal: Unhandled sh4 exception

Tested with fresh install and gl/glcore/vulkan/d3d

Can someone try to launch power drift and see if it works?

EDIT: Hang-on runs fine, Space Harrier and Outrun are very choppy, after burner goes black screen with fps @ 3

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Same issue here. Looks like it is just not supported.

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Thanks for trying @Duimon!

that is unfortunate, those ports are actually good, hang-on is very smooth and the analog controls are nice…

Do these games work better with Demul or Redream?

I’ve just discovered this issue myself, stemming from discovering Out Run runs at half speed. I’ve been playing on PC and Xbox Series. Power Drift crashes Retroarch as you say. I’ve found no solution to the 50%-speed OutRun, but Power Drift does run on the standalone version of Flycast on Xbox.