Forum: dark theme?

Nice to have the forum back! :slight_smile:

I was looking for a dark theme option but it seems there’s none atm. Is it possible to add one?

Thanks already for your work on this.

While searching for it, I only saw a way to make an option at admin level yet: this guy explains how to proceed here for his theme.

This material UI theme has a nice one. I didn’t understand if that’s something that has been merged in Discourse base options or what, I’m not familiar with all this.

Im sorry If I am jumping on someone’s thread. I have some color issues that no one will address on other sites and I can not quite figure this site out for starting threads. Anyway, my retroarch 1.6.9 turns green with all the colors distorted. It is a uhd tv and I have had no color image distortion with any other system running the games. LAunchbox is fine when I play everything else that doesnt go through NES. Any ideas?

Sounds like you’re either using the ‘raw’ color palette (or a shader that expects/requires the raw palette but you’re using another palette).

This happened at 1st run. I thought it was just a flaw in how the front end showed games. Then maybe it’s the way it has to be on a 4k because of how weird hdr has been with gaming. Then I seen some videos and realized this isn’t correct.