Freezing bug


So I got this kind of freezing bug as of lately and I don’t know what to do. RetroArch suddenly locks up, image and sound (shader disappears), and it leaves me no alternative except to close it through the task manager or something else, since the bug prevents me of doing anything else on the RetroArch window. It’s particularly annoying because it makes me lose all the progress I had up to that point (that is, when I open RetroArch again, only the saves of my previous access will be there).

Thanks in advance.


Hmm, I’m not sure what would cause something like that… You might try moving your retroarch.cfg somewhere else and see if that gets rid of it. If so, you must have an offending option somewhere.

It’s not really a fix, but if you go to settings > saving and enable an SRAM autosave interval, that will write your saves to file every X seconds, which will help avoid losing your progress (unless it crashes <X seconds after you save, but even then you only lose up to your last save instead of the whole thing).


Is it happening with all cores ?


I’ve realized the bug is similar to the one pointed on this topic, but apparently I don’t have rewind enabled.

I will try those suggestions for the time being and report back according to the results, thanks. I don’t have many complex configurations set up, but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve been hooked on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so I’ve only noticed the bug on Snes9x, but I will try out with other cores.