Frontend Virtual Joypad Input Through The Libretro API

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project where I would like to be able to send virtual retropad input to the game that’s currently running. Cores can be loaded and games can be run, so those are good.

How would I be able to send virtual controller inputs? More specifically, how can I send a specific button press to the game through the frontend?

I am looking at the API callbacks, but can’t figure out what I’m missing. I have a toggle variable that is returning 0 and 1 from the retro_input_state function.

retro_input_state_t and retro_input_poll_t.

there is already a network listener that can do that for you

Just feed the inputs thru base port (base port + 1 for p2, base port + 2 for p3) via UDP. There is a libretro core that can use this already but for some reason it was disabled a few releases ago.

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