Fuse ZX Spectrum arrow keys problem

Hi, I’m trying to play Jet Set Willy with arrow controls on the keyboard. I’ve set port 3 as the Sinclair Keyboard but when I press left or right, it also presses up, which makes the character jump. I can’t work out why. Nothing is set inside of there apart from switching the device type from the default Retro Pad.

Setting port 1 to Cursor Joystick and port 3 back to default RetroPad makes the direction arrows behave correctly, jump is A,S, or X.

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Thank you. I can at least play like this for now. It’s still not quite a full solution as the game requires the number keys to pass the protection at the start and other games require numbers, also so I was hoping to get the full set of keys including the numbers.

Is this the best practise to set up the controls so that keyboard and joystick can be used simultaneously? I originally got this idea to make port 3 the keyboard from reddit.

The document page lists some suggestions: https://docs.libretro.com/library/fuse/#controllers-usage With these 8-bit home computer titles, it is always a bit tricky. If you use the keyboard, there is another limitation, most keys are occupied by the controller mapping and RetroArch hotkeys. You can use Scroll Lock to pass the whole keyboard input to the core. Some emulators (like cap32 for CPC) work around this by providing default mappings for known games, but I do not think Fuse does that.

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