Fast and accurate GameBoy Color emulator by sinamas. Based on 0.5-wip1.

How to compile library (for libretro)

git clone
cd libgambatte
make -f Makefile.libretro

The colorization for non-Game Boy Color games has now been made a runtime option. It can be disabled or enabled using RGUI and/or RMenu and it will necessitate a retro_reset() call just to be safe.

is there any chance that the graphical glitch with F-1 Race will get fixed? (a flickering line between the ground and horizon) yeah, it actually doesn’t happen on the real hardware and it seems it was a regression introduced with version 0.5.0 . according to sinamas he had a fix which he wanted to implement, but I don’t know what happend since then. see this thread right here:

If they fix it upstream, we should get it automatically.

Gambatte dev is now hosted on github. To have the latest fixes, you could fork the repo and re-add the libretro stuff. (i dunno if this will fix F-1 Race btw)

I’ll look into this.

It’s an absolute priority though that all ports across all platforms libretro supports still works though.

So hopefully he will merge our changes when we do a pull request, otherwise the shallow fork will have no point.

Ugh, API got changed around. Will look at it when I have a less busy workschedule.

Perhaps maister will feel more like rebasing the port again.

New Gambatte version fixes the problem: waiting for RetroArch implementation.

In the meanwhile you can use these standalone builds

Could we also get a core option for “GBA mode”? In mainline Gambatte, this is enabled through “Settings – GBA CGB Mode”. This simply gives the game a way to tell that it’s running “on a GBA”; several games offer crappy, washed-out palettes when run on GBA, in order to counteract that console’s terrible screen, but more importantly, some games offer the player bonuses for playing on the newer platform (Shantae, Zelda Oracles). Behind the scenes, all it means is setting rB to 01 on boot–for this reason, it should force a reset just like colorization does now.

EDIT: Actually, if this is added, the “Force DMG Mode” setting could be added alongside it and combined into the same core setting. Force DMG will run even GBC games in original Game Boy mode, and there’s essentially no reason to do this and enable GBA mode at the same time, so a toggle which allowed the default, DMG or GBA modes should do the job of both settings. The only potential issue I see is how “GB Colorization” being set to “enabled” might conflict with “GB Mode” set to “DMG”.

EDIT 2: The result of that conflict is actually somewhat interesting: you can run backwards-compatible GBC games in DMG mode, with colorization as provided by the GBC bootrom, resulting in unexpected use cases like “colorized” Link’s Awakening DX or Wario Land II Color. I think leaving it as-is would work fine, even if it confused some.

You can add in the Gambatte emulator to press all buttons (a, b, start and select)? Games like Zelda Link’s awakening need this to save the game.