Game Boy Advance borders

Hi, I’m doing some gba overlay borders. I don’t know how to get it work on both 16/9 and 19/10 monitors. Maybe it can be configured in the cfg. I anyones knows if it’s possible please tell me. Anyway it already fonctional for 16/9 and I’d like to share it with you. Comments are welcome :slight_smile:

If you are interested you can get the PNGs here. I plan to continue to work on it. You can use it at any multiples screen ratios so pictures are big to keep good amount of details.


how do I apply these? or install them if you will?

Yes, what keysta75 said. I would like to know too. Or at least where these are stored so I can make my own! Haha!

I believe you just save the image (preferably to the overlays\borders folder) and create a .cfg with the same name.

test.png would have a test.cfg with these contents:

overlays = 1

overlay0_overlay = test.png

overlay0_full_screen = true

overlay0_descs = 0

Then load it in the XMB interface via config column -> Onscreen Overlay -> Overlay Preset. You will want to make sure your video mode’s aspect ratio matches the overlay’s aspect ratio or else some will be cut off.

These look cool, be great if you could do, Gameboy Atari Lynx and GameGear in the same style!?

There are a couple Atari Lynx border images floating around; here is a nice one w/ .cfg file.

For most handheld systems, including Game Gear, I highly recommend using Tatsuya79’s fantastic Handheld Border Shaders package. It contains shaders that both enhance the graphics to look authentic to the system and add a lovely border.

Lynx isn’t supported by the pack (yet?) but Tat had a suggestion for a makeshift Lynx shader:

I noticed that if you use lcd-cgwg shader and reduce the Grid parameter close to 0 you end up with something looking more like the game gear / lynx screens (vertical scanlines).

Old post, but if anyone is looking to use these .png files, but found the link in the OP outdated, I found out that the site it was uploaded to changed their domain to .cc. So the new link is this one:


Great job! They look awesome!

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Hey thank you, It’s an old post indeed ! I take this opportunity to update better versions

These are amazing and they remind me of blueamnesiac’s deviantart, well done! Do you have any more like these? Maybe Color?