Game & Watch core

What core do I need to play “game & watch”?


@jibtga if you look in the Online Updater -> Core Updater section when you start Retroarch , you should find “handheld electronic (GW)”. I beleive either that, or the MAME core, would be your choices.

Hi all, Sorry to post here but I am new here and I can’t find how to start a new topic!

I messed my retroarch controller support, and nothing found in the internet had success.

The truth is it is a pain to get controllers working with Retroarch, there are too many drivers and settings to set.

Drivers: libusb, microsoft’s XBox Controller driver, SCP Drivers and native windows usb drivers, it is a bit confusing.

Input Settings: Xinput, db2l, dinput?

How can I remove all drivers and start over to get ps3 wired controller detected in Retroarch?

Windows 7 x64 Home premium Retroarch x64 latest release fresh install 2x DualShock 3 wired controllers (no Bluetooth)

@Vic As far as I know, most controllers should work just as-is, with very little configuring. I’ve used a wired Xbox 360 controller for ages with nothing more than just plugging it into my laptop. A PS3 controller may be different though.