Game & Watch games using MAME core on Android not working


So, as you may know, Game & Watch are emulated on MAME. They work on Retroarch for Windows using the latest MAME ARCADE core by disabling softlists and using the alternate render method option if you want to use artworks.

This used to work on RetroArch for Android too… until after core v0.226. This was the latest version in which the games worked by disabling softlists and so on. They work pretty fine on 226, however, if you try to update or using a new version (like the current 0.238) you just get a grey screen no matter what options you choose. Happened on all versions back to 0.226

Like I said, this is just an Android issue, as they still work on RetroArch for Windows using the latest core, for example. So, wondering, what could be the issue? Would be cool to use the latest core and not an old one that’s not available anywhere anymore.


They have trouble including all MAME drivers in the Android build. So only drivers for arcade games were included in Android build since 0.228. Builds for desktop OSes are not affected. hunterk already explained it here: MAME console and handheld games doesn't load on last version


Ahhhh, that explains it :frowning: Oh well, hopefully there could be a workaround, a core with only console and handheld drivers or something similar in the future. Anyway, thanks a bunch for the info!

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Friends, can anyone save, or who knows where to get, 32bit mame core version 0.226 ?? Please share)

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While it would take little learning, you could check out the GitHub commit for that version and compile it yourself.

This is the 64bit version if that helps somehow:

Found it here, as the person in that post was having the same issue:

Yes, thanks, I already know (yesterday) this source, and this version works on my phone. But it doesn’t work on my tv box. I need a 32 bit version for it. I asked the same question in that thread on reddit :slight_smile: