Gameboy DMG shader too yellow

I’ve seen some people on YouTube using the DMG shader and it comes out green for them. When I use it, it looks more yellow.

Is there any way to adjust this?

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Yeah, in the shader’s ‘resources’ directory, there are some 2-color images that you can modify in photoshop/gimp/whatever.

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Ah then we have a problem. Im on the Shield Portable and I cant access my Shader folder

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Sorry to necro the thread @hunterk but are you talking about this one?

Where does the blue come into things? Can I just make the yellow square more green?


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yes. the blue is the dark color of the pixels. It gets blended (multiplied?) with the other color, IIRC, so it comes out different from what you see there, but yeah, just adjust them to taste in photoshop/gimp/whatever.