Gameboy emulation: mGBA vs Gambatte

Hi there,

I have noticed that, for original GB emulation, mGBA and Gambatte give very different results in DMG palette and most notably, audio.

So, since I don’t have an original Gameboy to compare, which is more close to the original hardware?

Pretty sure Gambatte is more accurate for the original Game Boy.

mGBA is the best for Game Boy Advance.

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I believe the mGBA support for anything else than GBA is currently still under development and has not reached the level of compatibility and accuracy as SameBoy and Gambatte.

As for how it looks, if you want to have an image that’s as close as possible to a GB screen, your best option is to disable any and all color correction and palette options in the core and use one of the shaders in shaders_slang/handheld/ (or shaders_slang/handheld/console-border/ if you want borders as well.) gameboy.slangp for example is very close to how a GB screen looks. But only if you disable all image processing options in the core. The shader needs a raw image from the emulator.

So if you use Gambatte with that shader, then set these core options:

GB Colorization: OFF
Internal Palette: GB - DMG
Color Correction: OFF
Dark Filter Level: 0
Interframe Blending: OFF

If you use SameBoy, then set “GB Mono Palette” to “Greyscale”.


Ah, thanks for your responses! I will use Gambatte for now… It runs on anything with very low CPU requeriments, making it even better.

@RealNC Those settings are more or less what I use, yes :slight_smile: