Gameboy Screen Smaller

When I use Gameboy Game with Gameboy Core it comes up Smaller the Normal.

Video Here:

How can I get it to stay the same Window Size?

Start RA without starting a game. Press F to switch to fullscreen. Quit RA. Restart RA. Now it should stay fullscreen.

Thanks but I mostly don’t use Full Screen so can they be same Size Screen in Windows Mode?

Maybe you have RA set to use a window scale rather than a fixed window size. Start RA but don’t start a core. Go to Settings/Video. Set “Windowed Scale” to 1x. Then set “Window Width” and “Window Height” to what you want (like 1280 and 720). Quit RA. Start it again. Now it should stay at that size when starting a core.

Note that when not using exclusive fullscreen, you get more input lag (not just in RA, but in all games.)

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This is my Video Setting for Windows Scale. No Game Loaded.

Aspect Ratio is 30:17

As I said. Set “Window Width” and “Window Height” to what you want, set “Windowed Scale” to 1x and restart RA. If you use Windowed Scale instead of a custom Width and Height, then the window size will depend on the game’s resolution. Different cores have different resolutions, and so you will get a RA window of different sizes.

So does not matter what I set there still be Different Sizes from GB Core to something like a GBA or SNES Core?

A gameboy has a different resolution than an SNES. So yes, of course you will get different window size.

That’s why if you want the same window size for all cores, you need to set scale to 1x and configure window width/height to a fixed size instead.

Edit: oh, and to not get any weird size behavior, you should also make sure “Aspect ratio” is set to “Core provided”.

Did that but Screen was Very Tiny as shown in this Screenshot

What is the resolution of your screen?

I have Windows 10. Where would I find that out?

Right-click on the desktop. Select “Display Settings”. Then click “Advanced display settings”. Your resolution is shown there.

Okay Thanks.

It says 2560x1440(recommended)

Then I don’t understand why it doesn’t work for you. The steps you need to follow:

  • Start RA. Do not start a core.
  • Set “Window Width” and “Window Height” to what you want. I use 1920 and 1200 on my 1440p display.
  • Set “Aspect Ratio” to “Core provided”.
  • Set “Windowed Scale” to “1.0x”.
  • Quit RA.
  • Start RA. Now it should work.

If it still doesn’t work, then please check in Settings/Configuration and see if the “Save Configuration on Exit” option is set to “OFF”. It must be “ON”.

Is there a way to quickly got to Numbers instead of just Pressing Right or Left and just wait the Number to Count up and down 1 at a Time?

Yes. Press enter, and a new menu will open where you navigate more quickly using the right/left arrows.

Tried that but for some Weird Reason Nothing Happens

Nothing will happen when you change Window Width/Height until you restart RA. They only take effect when starting RA.

I know I was talking about Numbers to Select when Pressing Enter on the Height and Width Options just press left and right until get to Number I want

@RealNC, @DaveTheMan1985 you have to enable
Remember Window Position and Size , otherwise it doesn’t work.
Also you don’t need to change Windowed Scale

@DaveTheMan1985 make sure to change Window Width/Height and not Custom Aspect Ratio Width/Height.
On the latter pressing enter does not work.