General Controller Configuration Question

I noticed in Retroarch that I haven’t been able to successfully configure a controller’s start button so that it acts like the game’s regular start button function. Rather it always seems to default to the F1 function, essentially taking you into Quick Menu or nothing at all. The game’s actual start button function only appears to work with the enter key on the keyboard. Likewise, a controller’s select button always seems to default to pause. On my N64 controller, the top most yellow directional button will default to pause.

Am I doing something wrong with my controller configurations or is this the way it just is in Retroarch in regards to pause and a game’s start button function?

‘enter’ is the default mapping for retropad-start, so it sounds like your pad is mapping its start button to “menu_toggle”. I don’t know why ‘select’ on your gamepad would pause, as that doesn’t even have a default gamepad assignment (it’s keyboard ‘p’ key).

So, it sounds like you either have screwy mapping (possibly an incorrect autoconfig / false-positive match?) or something is monkeying with your inputs (Steam is a common culprit).

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Gotcha and yes I believe menu toggle is the same as F1 as it takes me to Quick Menu. I don’t use Steam so I suppose my auto-config is the problem. I noticed when I bind all to default it also gives me odd results regarding start and select. Not sure if there was something I accidentally did somewhere or not but I think the only places where you can go to set config options for a controller are Port Binds in settings and Quick Menu’s controller config options once in the actual game. Unless I am mistaken.

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