Genesis Plus GX 7zip Support

Am I imagining things or has this core all of a sudden lost the ability to load games in 7z format? If I try to load any 7zipped games I get the “Failed to load content” error but when I extract the .md and load it, the game works fine. Has this core ever supported 7z? I could have sworn it did previously!

The core itself doesn’t support it, AFAIK, but RetroArch should. Are you using a nightly/self-build or a stable release? If the former, when did you install it?

Nightly off of built bot as of maybe 3-4 hours ago.

Ok, have you updated the core recently, as well? if so, can you revert to the automatic backup version?

There were recent changes to both core and frontend to support softpatching on non-CD content, so I’m wondering if this is related to one or both of those changes.

I did a fresh install of both so I don’t have a backup I’m afraid. There’s nothing obvious in the log either.

ok, can you try downloading a nightly RetroArch from a few days ago and use it with the updated core? We’re just trying to pin down whether it’s a RetroArch problem or a core problem.

Okay, it’s a Retroarch thing rather than a core thing. I downloaded the nightly from 24th May, re-downloaded the latest Geneis Plus GX and it works fine with 7zipped .md files.

ok, thanks for investigating.

EDIT: would it be possible to get you to keep trying newer builds until it stops working? That is, may 25, may 26, may 27 … until it breaks? That would greatly narrow down the number of commits we need to examine.

Okay, 3rd June is where it breaks. I tried 6th June as well just in case something had changed but it’s still broken on that build as well.

Perfect. Thanks again! Very helpful.

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I’m not sure if it’s any help for diagnosing the problem, but I was also able to get archives loading again in the current Windows daily version of RetroArch by reverting to the GPGX core from the stable cores zip in buildbot (from 5-31 I think). Same issues as cobhc2016 with the daily version. Archives seem to load normally with the handful of other cores I checked, too.

Can you post a log of it failing to load one with whichever version? we’re getting conflicting reports here, with one indicating it’s RetroArch and the other indicating the core.

Sure thing, just updated back to the current GPGX core and here’s the log: retroarch__2021_06_08__23_07_41.log

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No problems opening archives with the latest GPGX build! Many thanks :star_struck:

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