Genesis Plus GX cheats have no effect

Hi, I’m using windows 8.1 on the nightly version of retroarch. En Genesis plus gx, no matter how many cheats I put they don’t work. They have been tested in other emulators. I’m writing the cheats manually because there does not seem to be any cheat file available for this game. please let me know how to activate a cheat code.

Usually if you downloaded the cheat codes, only go to quick menu, cheats, load code (replace) search the codes from the game, and the codes appear, you select the code and press Apply cheats, or you can activate the option -Auto apply- if you choose ON pressing right key.

I’m new in the forum, waiting to can post and share codes I did, specially for Reicast, but I learned and it’s easy. Add manual codes it’s difficult, retroarch seems doesn’t support direct offset and values using keyboard or gui keyboard.

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Hi thanks for your reply. In the end, I was only able to make it work by adding cheats manually to the cheat file.

Try as you can download a Cheat File for Retroarch

not working, cheat codes for the game mortal Kombat 2 (W) half cheat codes absent will add cheat codes to Sega genesis For example, I have this image of mortal Kombat w and in written cheats action replay although it should be the game genie