Genesis Plus GX composite option is broken

With Mega Drive/Genesis games it’s almost a given that you should use composite in some form. With so much use of dithering in that console there’s no other way IMO.

The problem is that the own core’s composite option will make any transparency effect caused by the blending to flicker. You can see that issue in Sonic 1’s “transparent” waterfalls. The other option is to disable it and use a composite shader, however this isn’t something i want to do since i only use crt_geom for all old consoles for the curvature effect.

Is the composite core option fixable?

since gpgx is upstream, it should be better to ask it directly there or better yet see if this also affects standalone versions or the problem is isolated to libretro.

There isn’t a standalone version AFAIK of this core.

But i will ask there, thanks.

ah sorry. i was probably thinking of a different genesis/megadrive emulator. testing it on Bizhawk might be the closest thing to try and run as standalone

There’s a standalone, but it’s only available on Wii (that’s where the “GX” comes from in the name)

Not directly related to your question but you can put tvout-tweaks or gtuv50’s pass1 and or just the pass2 shader before geom and it’ll work beautifully… to me at least.

That’s what I do sometimes. Just load gtuv50 and replace pass3 with geom etc. Because pass2 uses a special preset parameter to stretch the width for proper blending you either load the preset or edit the one you create.


Thanks for the tip. Will try it myself.

That’s the result:

I think it’s pretty good.

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