Genesis Plus GX - MD+ support?

I’m trying to understand this MD+ thing so I just put together my first patched game

together with but I can’t get it to load in RetroArch. Is the core lacking MD+ support?

I didn’t know any emulators supported MD+ :man_shrugging:

MD+ feature is still WIP:


I built a 64-bit Windows binary from Ekeeke’s github. This is compatible with MSU-MD, I’ve tested all the ported MD+ patches available and they all work with CD audio. You can grab the 64-bit Genesis Plus GX core here (the win64 GenPlusGX core on the buildbot doesn’t work with MSU-MD).

Untested win32 version, built using an old MSYS2 GCC 5.3.0 setup, so it should be compatible with Windows XP.

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A short video of Streets of Rage 2 running in RA 1.8.9 and the core I linked in previous post.

Looks (and sounds) great. I hope the official libretro fork gets updated to support it.


Here’s all the MD+ to MSU-MD ported patches

Btw, if you have an up-to-date No-Intro set, you need to use this one with the Moonwalker MSU-MD patch:

Name:	Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Japan) (En).md
Size:	524288
CRC32:	6a70791b
MD5:	7baf9fb775ee130bd7a4a779cb3bb612
SHA1:	8960bac2027cdeadb07e535a77597fb783e1433b
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Thanks for this. As It will be useful to test a patch i’m planning to make for Phantasy Star II once I finish all the music. Hopefully it makes it upstream.

Just wanted to drop a massive thank you for the 64-bit binary. @ekeeke’s update only worked with the 32-bit version of RetroArch, and provided substantial improvements to Mega CD/SEGA CD emulation, also from some requests/bug reports I brought up to his attention and that he kindly took into consideration.

For some odd reason, though, RetroArch is still behind, providing the same, old Genesis Plus GX core for months, now.

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New: [Core/CD] optimized CUE and CHD file detection f8a8046

Compiles for win32 and win64:

win32 is untested, I don’t use 32-bit Retroarch. I used my old XP compatible compiler so it should run on Windows XP and up.


Latest 2ca416f core added with more MSU-MD fixes. Use link in post above for the compiled cores.

PS. Sorry for double posting, unfortunately I can’t edit the post above.


Latest Genesis Plus GX r944e349 win32 and win64 cores upped:

[Core/MS][Core/GG] added support for latest SMS Power ROM dumps


Thank you! Works perfect.

No problem. Just bookmark the link above, I check Eke-Ekes Github daily and do a build if anything has been updated.

Could you possibly compile the armv7-neon-hf for Raspberry Pi?

How about a version for the genesis_plus_gx_wide_libretro?

[EDIT] Also I big hug to you for your builds❣

I’m just learning about these MD+ things. Can’t believe the very second this was a thing no one put Project Chaos and Sonic 3 Complete together.

Just noticed MSU-MD support is implemented in the official Widescreen build


Just a heads up, MD+ is supported in latest Eke-Eke version now. :wink: