Genesis Plus GX - Saturated colors?

Is it my impression or some colors looks saturated?

Is there a way to have more accurate colors?


You can use the image adjustment shader to desaturate the colors, or the color mangler to do…whatever to them. You can also use the reshade/lut shader to make color adjustments in photoshop and then apply them to your game.

I recall someone wanting to make the colors look like Kega Fusion’s (and succeeding) awhile back, so you might try searching for that thread.

Where I have this shaders?


they’re in the ‘misc’ directory. they’re individual shaders, rather than presets.

The LUT reshade (RGB_Fix-for-GenesisPlusGX.glslp) is very good, but wasn’t possible to be applyed with the ntsc-320px shader…


I can say that the hardware Model1 VA6 outputs (in RGB) exactly the same colors as GPGX with VGA->Scart adapter on a Sony CRT.
Nothing wrong with the colors in GPGX.

James-F, what’s shaders do you use with GPGX?


With LCD, CRT-Royale.
With CRT, none.

CRT-Royale closely matches a Sony Trinitron CRT shadow mask and tube behavior, I recommend it very much with a full HD LCD.
Start with the “crt-royale-kurozumi” preset in the CGP folder, this one is more accurate than the default.

Isn’t possible apply the ntsc-320px with the crt-royale-kurozumi? I like to use the ntsc filter to reproduce image closest to the original.

Kurozumi’s parameter settings can be pasted into any of the other crt-royale presets, including crt-royale-320px-svideo/composite

Do you say to copy and paste from line 207 to 252 of the crt-royale-kurozumi file?

parameters = "crt_gamma;lcd_gamma;levels_contrast;halation_weight;diffusion_weight;bloom_underestimate_levels;bloom_excess;beam_min_sigma;beam_max_sigma;beam_spot_power;beam_min_shape;beam_max_shape;beam_shape_power;beam_horiz_filter;beam_horiz_sigma;beam_horiz_linear_rgb_weight;convergence_offset_x_r;convergence_offset_x_g;convergence_offset_x_b;convergence_offset_y_r;convergence_offset_y_g;convergence_offset_y_b;mask_type;mask_sample_mode_desired;mask_specify_num_triads;mask_triad_size_desired;mask_num_triads_desired;aa_subpixel_r_offset_x_runtime;aa_subpixel_r_offset_y_runtime;aa_cubic_c;aa_gauss_sigma;geom_mode_runtime;geom_radius;geom_view_dist;geom_tilt_angle_x;geom_tilt_angle_y;geom_aspect_ratio_x;geom_aspect_ratio_y;geom_overscan_x;geom_overscan_y;border_size;border_darkness;border_compress;interlace_bff;interlace_1080i"
crt_gamma = "2.400000"
lcd_gamma = "2.400000"
levels_contrast = "0.740000"
halation_weight = "0.004600"
diffusion_weight = "0.001000"
bloom_underestimate_levels = "0.800000"
bloom_excess = "0.000000"
beam_min_sigma = "0.020000"
beam_max_sigma = "0.200000"
beam_spot_power = "0.370000"
beam_min_shape = "2.000000"
beam_max_shape = "4.000000"
beam_shape_power = "0.250000"
beam_horiz_filter = "0.000000"
beam_horiz_sigma = "0.545000"
beam_horiz_linear_rgb_weight = "1.000000"
convergence_offset_x_r = "-0.050000"
convergence_offset_x_g = "0.000000"
convergence_offset_x_b = "0.000000"
convergence_offset_y_r = "0.100000"
convergence_offset_y_g = "-0.050000"
convergence_offset_y_b = "0.100000"
mask_type = "0.000000"
mask_sample_mode_desired = "0.000000"
mask_specify_num_triads = "0.000000"
mask_triad_size_desired = "1.000000"
mask_num_triads_desired = "900.000000"
aa_subpixel_r_offset_x_runtime = "-0.333333"
aa_subpixel_r_offset_y_runtime = "0.000000"
aa_cubic_c = "0.500000"
aa_gauss_sigma = "0.500000"
geom_mode_runtime = "0.000000"
geom_radius = "3.000000"
geom_view_dist = "2.000000"
geom_tilt_angle_x = "0.000000"
geom_tilt_angle_y = "0.000000"
geom_aspect_ratio_x = "432.000000"
geom_aspect_ratio_y = "329.000000"
geom_overscan_x = "1.000000"
geom_overscan_y = "1.000000"
border_size = "0.005000"
border_darkness = "0.000000"
border_compress = "2.500000"
interlace_bff = "0.000000"
interlace_1080i = "0.000000"

yep, just like that.

:disappointed: crt-royale-ntsc-320px-composite

:grinning: crt-royale-kurozumi-ntsc-320px-composite

:disappointed: crt-royale-ntsc-320px-composite

:grinning: crt-royale-kurozumi-ntsc-320px-composite

The crt-royale-ntsc-320px-composite with kurozumi parameters is exactly what I was imagining. It’s the closest image to when I played Mega Drive.

Thanks, James-F and Hunterk! :+1:

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Would you pls share the shaders files?



Make sure “Integer Scale” is ON with CRT-Royale.

Integer Scale OFF. When to turn it on or off? And how do I enable or disable it for a specific core?


Integer Scale OFF

Integer Scale ON

@hunterk thanks for the rgb shader even though that other thread was kind of confusing to read through. Is the rgb the same on every genesis model or different? Someone should do a better documentation.

@lfan i know this thread is 2 years old but your shader looks fantastic. too bad the download link is no longer active. hope you’re able to reupload it.

No, apparently some models are sharper than others. I don’t know about color saturation etc. though.

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