Genesis Plus GX soft-patching feature failed

A few months back, I tested the Genesis Plus GX core’s softpatching feature on a ROM of the game Turma da Mônica na Terra dos Monstros, a brazilian hack of a Wonder Boy game. I downloaded a retranslation patch and renamed it so that the names matched, and put it in the same folder.

The game worked fine without the patch, but when it’s using it, the emulator shows a message saying it applied the patch but then does not run. I’ve tested this patch on another emulator (outside of RetroArch, though), and it ran fine then, as well. I’m not sure what the issue is, though I admit I could afford to have done more testing on my end. Would appreciate any help or advice, and apologies if this error has been reported before or if I’ve put this topic in the wrong category, as I’m still new here.

Hmm, I get a black screen here with it whether it’s softpatched or hardpatched, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the patching.

It doesn’t work in blastem, either, but it does work in picodrive, which suggests that the patch may rely on accurate behavior to function. Do you know if it’s been verified to work on real hardware?


The readme file says that it adds an intro to prevent use with repro cartridges, but I’m not sure if that equates to not being playable on a real console at all.

I should point out that the emulators I tested the game on were the latest versions of Gens and Fusion. Both times it worked without issue.

Hello. It’s been several months and I’ve gotten no update on this. I would really like to know if it’s a genuine bug, an oversight on my part, or just an absent feature so I can understand how to proceed. As I said, other emulators can run the patched game just fine.

Since it fails on GPGX and Blastem but works on Picodrive, I suspect it’s a problem with the patch itself. In any event, I suggest switching to Picodrive for it, since it works there.

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After testing several times with IPS Peek, I ended up removing the offending line of code and hard-patching the rom with IPSelect, then making a new patch out of it with LunarIPS, and am now using that to soft-patch the vanilla rom. It works now.

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