[Guide] Play Neo Geo CD games using FBNeo

Thanks for this. I’ll update the original post after playing with it for a while.

wait… what?.. ughhh…

It is easier to modify the images than to support a format used by MAME and other emulators. (chd)

Thanks for having that logic BarbuDreadMon.

It is never too late to evolve, it is not good to always believe that one is right.

I’m just following upstream changes, i’m not the one who decided this. That’s not the first time you are showing hostility toward me about lack of chd support in my projects, i recommend you to change your attitude, i’m not your slave. If you are unhappy with the lack of chd support in fbalpha & kronos, implement it yourself, if you can’t do it yourself, rise a bounty so that someone will do it.


I thought he was being genuine. Changing a file format IS easier than writing code to support another format. :shrug:

fba neocd implementation has reached its final version, hopefully we cornered all bugs, feel free to report on github if you find any other.


Is this guide method still valid for the new bin/cue support?

Apart from various bugfixes in the ngcd emulation code, only the accepted iso format changed

When I drag my .cue file over to RA I do not get the option to use the FB Alpha core to boot the game. Multiple other cores come up as options but not FBA. Anyone experience this? I just updated my RA to see if that was the issue and I am still getting the same results.


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Its now updated with the new/easier steps

You can’t (currently) load cue directly from FBAlpha, you have to load the core, then choose the subsystem NeoCD and then point to your cue file.

is there a way to load a “subsystem game” directly from a playlist?

Not that I’m aware of no. I don’t think playlists accept core arguments.

Not yet, but now with the new playlist format it’s possible to implement that.


would be great thanks

I was wrong, now they are implementing a bypass for isos which aren’t cracked (most iso you’ll find on internet are cracked, but some aren’t).

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I think that explains the trouble I’ve had with The Last Blade 2 CD… can’t get the thing to go past the turtle loading screen on any of the dozen or so copies I’ve tried.

You might want to try latest version, this is still WIP but some protection have been bypassed.

NB : Just mentioning this, The Last Blade 2 got a lot of graphics removed in the ngcd version, in peculiar i remember seeing screenshots from both version of the “burning” stage.

Edit : i can confirm your issue with both version of the game.

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So you’re saying that it happens on both the cracked and non-cracked copies?

Yeah, and apparently this game doesn’t work either in mame.