Hatari (Atari ST) Crash on Android

Hello people I have a problem with the android version of Hatari, in windows it works without problems, in android when loading the rom retroarch crash.

I put 2 files in system dir
tos.img (ver 1.02 us)  i try with 1.04 too

This is my configuration file hatari.cfg

bAutoInsertDiskB = TRUE
FastFloppy = TRUE
nWriteProtection = 0
szDiskAFileName = /storage/emulated/0/Roms/Atarist/game.st
szDiskBFileName =
szDiskImageDirectory = /storage/emulated/0/Roms/Atarist
szDiskAZipPath =
szDiskBZipPath =

szCartridgeImageFileName =
szTosImageFileName = /storage/emulated/0/RetroArch/system/tos.img

what am I doing wrong? Can anybody help me pls

My android version is 9 pie

Never ever made this core work, and I’ve tried A LOT. It always messages me that my tos.img was wrong, and I’ve tried all tos.img possible, I swear, I’ve tried more than 20.

The same configuration and tos.img would work on Windows, but not on Android.

I use Hataroid instead.

sad to ear that, in future maybe can work fine

thx 4 answer.