Hatari + Windows + Joystick emulation: success anyone?

Hi there,

for more than 2 years now I try to get the windows hatari core to support joystick emulation. I try every now and then, but it just doesn’t work.

That’s the situation so far:

  • I can boot up hatari succesfully
  • I can start games
  • I can control games (or the atari desktop) with mouse and keyboard
  • I can use the meta functions that are controlled with a gamepad (for example switching mouse and joystick ports)
  • I can access hatari’s internal menu (GUI) and control it with gamepad (!)
  • But it’s not possible to assign any gamepad (xinput or dinput) to be used as joystick
  • Even worse: It’s also not possible to map keyboard keys to joystick, so there’s absolutely no way to control a game that needs to be played with a joystick

So what I would like to know: Is there at least ONE person out there that ever managed to emulate a joystick for the RA hatari core? Anyone?

btw.: I’ve no problem getting the standalone version of hatari to work. What might be the problem with the RA core?

In some games i seem to be able to use a joystick. Other games like Altered Beast and Alien Syndrome won’t ever work. I made a report about this but so far therr is no response so i wonder if this core is abandoned. I wish one day it gets a push like the Amiga core.

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Thanks for your very helpful hint that some games do indeed work with joystick.

It happened to be that I was always testing with 3 of my favorite games all the time - and they all did never work, so I thought that it’s a generel problem for all games.

But now I’ve just tested another 20 games, and they DID ALL WORK. What an incredible coincidence! I had 23 games in my setup, and I was always testing exactly those 3 of them that don’t work :woozy_face: :rofl:

Btw.: I’ve found your issue report in hatari github, just 8 days old. So let’s hope that some dev will see it and take care of it.

But nonetheless - now I’ve got 20 out of 23 games working. That’s great! Thx :yum:

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Hahah, what are the chances of that happening?

I haven’t tested many games myself, about 10 or so. And about half of them respond to inputs in my case.

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