Hello, can I use one of your GPL GLSL shaders for this?

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I just discovered your library of GLSL CTR shaders. Very nice indeed.

I am looking to apply a shader to a texture in a 3D flightsim (license: GPL). The texture will be animated to simulate a CRT screen inside the cockpit of an older aircraft. I was wondering if any of your shaders would be fast enough for that.

I was also wondering if that is possible, if I could get a hint to which shader might be best for me. Features such these I look for:

  • Rounded corners
  • Rounded sides
  • RGB pixels visible if I zoom in on them (ideally, not super important).
  • Degauss simulation (not so important)
  • Turn on and off simulation (not overly important)
  • Ideally single pass (so no post processing if possible)

I am no expert in CRT so don’t really know what more I could want.

So can any of your shaders do that (and not be too slow)?

I don’t think any of our shaders is a perfect fit for your uses, unfortunately, but parts of them could be used to make something that is. I would look at crt-easymode, which is pretty modular and fast. It’s still probably slower than you’ll want, but you could probably cut out the scanline/beam stuff to gain some speed.

crt-lottes has a really simple pincushion function (and it’s public-domain licensed) but the corners aren’t rounded. However, rounding the corners is deceptively difficult, and you’re probably better off just putting a bezel object over the top of it to handle it.

Thank you, I will look into crt-easymode if it has the GPL license. :slight_smile: